Saturday, January 5, 2013

In 2013...

When I look around I want to see what I love.

I want it to be uncluttered by what no longer serves me.  I have an issues with throwing things away or disgarding.  I seem to take it personnally as if it were me.  The two thoughts are dynamically opposed which makes life challenging.

My solution is to find homes for that which must leave, repurpose tha which can and throw out that which was "true" trash years ago.

I'm feeling better already.  I'm feeling empowered because I have a plan.  I'm feeling loved.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One a reflection of the other...

I try so hard to be my own independent soul.

At 3, I believe I have it mastered.
At 15, I'm certain I know best.
At 30, I hear her words in my mind.
At 50, I'm certain she was right.

Today, as I repeat what she said, I am the reflection of her wisdom. Me and my mom.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

And What a Difference a Year Makes

To blog or not to blog is no longer an option. I need to embrace this social media tool so you can stay connected to my world and so I can be connected to yours. And a year or two does make a difference. I’ve moved forward on my journey with a soulmate, Ray. I’m also getting back to writing…not yet daily but more than I have in the last six months. I’ve started production of my 6th and 7th books and that is what this blog is about…opportunities for you to join me on the journey.

1. The Queen’s Court started production last week and slated to be at the printer by December 1, 2012. Twenty plus quilters have made the quilt featured in this project book and their beauties have been photographed and returned. Their quilts and artist statements will be in the “Ladies in Waiting” chapter. However, what I need now is the few outstanding artist statements and release forms. Hmmm, do you need the form or format? Send me an email, I would like this box checked by September 15, 2012.

2. The Polygon Affair…So Easy You’ll Fall in Love is in full swing. If you want to be in this book, you can do it one of two ways…actually both if that’s how you roll.

a. Make a quilt meeting the requirements of the chapter challenges using the Polygon Tool. The rules are posted on my website ( under Tools by Gyleen tab. You can make as many as you like, select any of the challenges to do first, you can use my pattern or your own design. There will about 8 challenges total. Post your progress on Facebook (Gyleen’s Polygon Affair) for motivation and provide inspiration. Completed quilts must be ready by the photo shoot late 2013.

b. Send me ( your love story or someone you know personally (like your parents) that meet and were married within 6 months or less (plus a tad is okay). I call this “love in an instant”. The stories will be included in the book and of course, you get ink as a contributor. If you could do this by December 31, 2012, that would be perfect.

I hope to figure out how to post photos soon and move forward mastering this blogging thing. Stay tuned…I’m back!

PS: Each day I try to do at least 30 minutes of handwork as meditation; it centers me. What do you do?


Monday, June 28, 2010

Yikes! I Got Mail

I'm laughing - I never expected to get mail on my blog so I forgot to check it. Duh! Okay, I'm working on fixing that. Thank you all for the encouragement, I'm going to need the support so I'm saying thank you up front.

My house has turned into wild kingdom. I now have a family of rabbits in the central back garden. One groundhog who has lived here for at least a full season under the shed. I saw him last year doing clean up under the apple trees. He seems in shape and I'm now wondering if the one I saw yesterday near the hedgerow is the same one or another one. I'm praying the same or if not at least the same sex. On expert account, groundhogs come in fours. But then I'm thinking back to my questioning days and remembering someone say that groundhogs make two holes. If that is the case this guy is in tremendous physical condition; it's 400 ft to the hedgerow if he dug the whole way under ground. And there is a healthy red fox who I spotted at 4 am. Don't ask, Tori wanted to go, I was not happy. Back to the fox, he was eating something and I feared it was part of the rabbit family. I did check at true daybreak and no evidence of him or the early breakfast. Was I dreaming?

I'm all for the animals and try to live peacefully among them. However, Dad told me that Robin told him that a coyote killed two lamb down the road a bit and the farmers are packing for a hunt tonight. Robin said, so you better tell Gy to keep the dogs inside tonight. Now what the heck is that about?

I want to get the Marshall. I don't know where he is but in the movies it takes days for him to get there. Interesting the timing of all the vote for me signs about in the county. I don't recall one for Marshall so I don't even know his name. Certainly, the sheriff is of no use; when in the movies did you ever see the sheriff solve a crime? It's disturbing to think my dogs in their private yard would be in danger because of packing farmers. The visual of this posse was frightening. And knowing that we have well over 2,000 open acres and finding one very full coyote was what? less than one in a million? Somebody could get hurt! Have a heart attack.

Okay enough of this can't we be civilized? They weren't kidding; I don't have anything to pack! I need a horse, oh,'s time to get the Marshall; the posse is forming.

In the new frontier of Colourful Stitches...Gyleen

Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Blooming

Well, this is my very first blog and I have no clue what I'm doing. It may take years before I get this up and running but if you will hang in there with me, I promise you will be inspired and entertained.

That's it for now.